Silver mirror

*Sliver mirror uses high grade float glass its base and it is manufactureed under an automated process thus giving superb quality mirror. *Silver mirror manufacured under automated process has a silver membrance which is protected by a cooper plated layer,and finally seated with an oven baked paint coating,the silver membrance is fully protected,this providing long-lasting performance and durability. Its has superb luster,and a perfectity flat surface which gives a distortion-free image reflection.


*Silver mirror is manufactured by using distorition-free float glass is a superior quality mirror.compared to conventional offers excellent resisitance to atmosphenric agents.

*HIghe quality float glass and modern mirror equipment combine to produce compentitively priced mirrors of exceptionally high quality.

*Mirror can be supplied in standard sizes of can be cut and beveled to suit customers needs. It can add a feeling of depth to any room.

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