Louver glass

*Louvered Glass open up a room to the outside by allowing fresh air and light in without obstructing the view. Plus, glass louvers keep out the elements like rain and wind while providing needed indoor ventilation. Louvers are an elegant, aesthetically pleasing solution that can be arranged vertically or horizontally in a number of configurations.


1. Glass blades are fixed with non-notch frames.

2. The angels of the blades could be adjusted as will to satisfy different ventilation demands.

3. The room could enjoy excellent lighting even the louvres are closed.

4. It also could be cleaned easily.


Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm ect

Size: 4''x24'', 4''x30'', 6''x24'', 6''x30'', 6''x36'' ect.

Glass Type: Clear float glass, Tinted float glass, Acid etched glass, Patterned glass,Tempered glass ect.


1. Office Building

2. Residential Apartment

3. Resort Area

4. Commerical Building


1. The storage area must be dry and a constant temperature is necessary.

2. Do not store in outdoors.

3. Far away from heat and any kind of chemical such as acid, alkali, fuel, putty and various organic solvents or vapors, etc.

4. Vertically placed with paper interleave.

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